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Virtual cardiac rehab is safe and effective

Here's how it works.


1. Enroll your patients onto our HIPAA compliant platform within minutes

Once enrolled, patients will be provided with a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, and weight scale so you can ensure they measure all the relevant metrics.


2. Engage them with our tools from the comfort of their own home

Extend your reach by helping patients where they need you most--at home. Patients use our app and devices to complete their customized care plan away from the clinic while staying connected to the clinicians they need to help them succeed.


3. Empower them with sustained, positive lifestyle change

We help identify valuable resources for patients and allow them to continue using our app even after their 12 week program is done, ensuring they have the tools they need to stay healthy.


Our mobile app - teleHeart - allows patients to follow their care plan from home.

  • Create individualized care profiles for patients
  • Tailor exercise prescriptions
  • Assign vitals monitoring
  • Administer education
  • And much more

Our goal is to provide physicians and cardiac rehab professionals with the best resources, tools, and support for virtual cardiac rehab to help you and your patients flourish.

Phas3 works with cardiac rehab programs, health systems, and critical access hospitals to extend cost-effective, reimbursable cardiac rehab services to the home. No matter your program size or structure, we can help.


Increase participation and completion rates

80% of patients never attend a single cardiac rehab session and 95% of patients do not complete the full program. Implementing our virtual cardiac rehab program will allow you to offer an entirely home-based or hybrid cardiac rehab program to better meet your patients’ needs.


Improve patient outcomes and lower their out-of-pocket cost by up to 90%

Patients are in need of an affordable and accessible way to recover from CVD now more than ever. Our virtual cardiac rehab program will eliminate hundreds of dollars in co-pays while helping patients avoid future events or hospitalizations


Achieve profitability through reimbursement with new virtual care CPT© codes

Maximize your department’s efficiency and profitability through the use of new virtual care CPT© codes reimbursed by Medicare and most commercial payers--all without ever needing the patient to step foot onsite.


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